CNBC's Goldman Defends Opinion of Apple CEO Jobs' Health

Network's Silicon Valley bureau chief insists Jobs health rumors were without merit and he was 'fine.'

Review: CNBC's Cramer Hit and Miss on His 2008 Predictions

'Mad Money' host got some right, but others fell way short due to mid-year economic woes.

Coming to a Theater Near You: Wall Street Villains!

CNBC forecasts Hollywood will capitalize on bad business PR and play the class envy game in 2009.

CNBC Contributor: Media Was Unwitting Accomplice in Madoff Scandal

Investment news Website founder Jon Najarian explains how media may have helped Madoff lure investors.

Former Continental Airlines CEO: What Makes the Automakers 'Exempt from Reality?'

Gordon Bethune, now a CNBC contributor, wants to know why car companies deserve a bailout.

GM PR Adviser Appears as 'Auto Analyst' to Argue for Bailout

PR flak misidentified on 'Early Show' says letting Big 3 fail 'would be like 10 Katrinas.'

'Nightly News' Pushes Auto Bailout in Madoff Scandal Coverage

CNBC correspondent Trish Regan points out alleged Madoff $50 billion Ponzi scheme is 'twice the amount of money the auto companies are asking Congress for.'

Cramer: Social Security a Bigger Ponzi Scheme than Madoff's

CNBC's 'Mad Money' host says federal entitlement program operates in the same manner as Madoff's scam.

Murdoch Purchase of Wall Street Journal Doesn't Look So Bad, Say Journos

Former critics say media mogul's takeover of financial publication for the best, considering newspaper business downturn.

Criticism Prompts Cramer to Defend Great Depression Reversal

Two weeks after taking 1930s comparisons off the table, 'Mad Money' host responds to BMI and others.
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