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Chuck Hagel

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Conservative Republicans Ruining the Comity of the Senate, Chides NYT's Steinhauer

Jennifer Steinhauer: "But Senate Republicans, in particular, who have added more conservative members to their ranks in the last two years, and who fear the constant and imminent threat of ...
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ABC Downplays and Ignores Chuck Hagel's 'Bruising' Confirmation Hearings

ABC on Thursday and Friday either downplayed or outright ignored the "bruising day" Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel endured in Washington. Friday's Good Morning America skipped the topic ...
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Chris Matthews, Who Has Compared His Opponents to Nazis, Whines About Too Much 'Hate' in Politics

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Thursday assailed John McCain, slamming the "boiling hatred" aimed at Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama's Defense Secretary nominee. Matthews sneered, "Hatred, pure and simple, ...
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Hagel Support Shows NYT Still Disturbed About Citizens United Decision Expanding Free Speech

The New York Times continues to be disturbed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, loathed by liberals for expanding the right of corporations to participate in campaign ...
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Say It Once, Say It Four Times, NYT: 'Neoconservatives'

Political reporter Jim Rutenberg, along with his headline writer, threw around the loaded term "neoconservative," a term most often used as an insult by leftists and the media, in his Sunday ...
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Chuck Hagel Celebrated as War Hero, 'True Friend' of Israel and 'All-Around Good Guy'

More of that tough investigative journalism the New York Times is known for: "Mr. Hagel learned to get along as an easy charmer and prodigious but affable self-promoter. He is well-liked by ...
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NYTimes Passionately Defends Obama Nominee, 'War Hero' Chuck Hagel Despite Anti-Gay Remark

The Times' defense of Obama nominee Chuck Hagel: "In efforts to spur liberals to oppose the nomination, Mr. Hagel's critics have also focused on a comment he made in the late 1990s, opposing a ...
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Martha Raddatz Dares the Right to 'Look' Chuck Hagel 'in the Eye' and Say 'You're Not Tough'

ABC's Martha Raddatz on Monday continued touting Democratic talking points, sneering that conservatives who oppose Chuck Hagel's nomination to be Secretary of Defense will have to "look" the ...
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ABC's Martha Raddatz: 'Perfect Choice' Chuck Hagel 'Dared' To Oppose Troop Surge

Good Morning America's Martha Raddatz on Monday seemed perplexed as to why conservatives would oppose Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense. According to the journalist, one might ...
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