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CNN Anchor Draws Legal Parallel Between Catholic Teacher's Firing and Sharia Law Stoning

Chalk this one up to the absurd. CNN's Ashleigh Banfield on Wednesday tried to draw a legal parallel between a Sharia Law execution and a Catholic school firing a teacher for violating her ...
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HuffPo: 'Christian' Label Holds Baggage for Star

Marcus Mumford doesn't call himself Christian. HuffPo applauds.
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CBS Follows ABC to Airing Ugly Accusations Against Pope, Provides Just One Quote In His Defense

Monday night's CBS Evening News followed CNN and ABC to the ugly decades-old accusations against Pope Francis from his time in Argentina. CBS featured the same critic of Pope Francis that ABC ...
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ABC Just Relays Ugly Accusations Against Pope, While CNN Adds Context and Balance

The weekend after the election of Pope Francis, the media dug up decades-old accusations against him from his time in Argentina. Yet while CNN provided context and a critical eye toward the ...
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Only Seven Minutes After White Smoke, CNN Features Women's Ordination Activists

It took only seven minutes after the announcement of a new pope for CNN to interview liberal women's ordination activists in St. Peter's Square. The activists were the first interviewees on CNN ...
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CNN Compares Vatican City 'Men's Club' to Saudi Arabia

CNN's report on the Vatican hierarchy might make one think it's a repressive male-dominated cabal that women are morally obligated to challenge. Correspondent Ben Wedeman stretched this ...
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So Long, Pope Benedict: CNN Hosts Radical Nun Calling Papal Election 'Invalid'

After CNN's initial report on Pope Benedict's final papal audience, the first guest to appear on CNN Newsroom on Wednesday was a radical leftist nun who believes the upcoming papal election is ...
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Entertainment Tonight Whacks Pope Benedict and His 'Stained' Legacy

Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight ran quite the hit piece on Pope Benedict, promoting the distorted anti-Catholic documentary on the clerical abuse scandals and revisiting ABC reporter Brian ...
Media Research Center Lectures Catholic Church on How to Be 'Light Unto All Nations'

At, correspondent Ben Wedeman touted "what some Catholics want in next pope," and by "some Catholics" he meant those who thought Pope Benedict's papacy was too conservative or ...
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CNN Hammers Catholic Church to Change Teaching on Gay Marriage, Birth Control

On Monday night, CNN's Erin Burnett badgered the Catholic church to change its doctrine and accept birth control, gay marriage, and women priests. All day long on Monday, CNN asked if the church ...
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