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Chris Matthews Bizarrely Compares CPAC to Star Wars Cantina

MSNBC's Chris Matthews compared the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to the cantina from Star Wars in a bizarre rant on Thursday's Hardball. Matthews trashed the gathering and ...
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Once Again, Smearing Arizona; Remember Obama's "Era of Austerity?" Well, It's Over

After six years in which the federal government's public debt exploded by nearly $7 trillion, the Washington Post suggests President Obama has presided over "an era of austerity," even as liberal ...
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Chris Matthews Screams ‘Ted Cruz Secedes from the Union’

Chris Matthews’ vendetta against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) continued at a fever-pitched pace Wednesday night. The Hardball host has a long history of attacking Cruz; he once called the Tea Party ...
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Irony-Free Chris Matthews Hits Conservatives: 'You Are Known By the Company You Keep'

The irony-challenged Chris Matthews, whose network colleagues have lobbied for someone who defecate down Sarah Palin's throat and called Laura Ingraham a "slut," on Wednesday night lectured, "It's ...
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Chris Matthews: Communists Were Right, U.S. Run by Wealthy Elites

Chris Matthews quoted the communists on Tuesday to argue that the unlimited spending allowed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision is turning U.S. elections into a sham. "This is ...
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Spinning ObamaCare: Two Million Jobs Lost = “Freedom”

After a CBO report says ObamaCare will cost the economy the equivalent of more than 2 million jobs, network reporters adopt the administration's spin, with NBC's David Gregory wondering: "Why ...
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Chris Matthews Charges GOP Is Becoming 'the Party of Jefferson Davis,' Abe Lincoln a 'RINO'

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ranted on Thursday that the GOP, the “party of Lincoln,” is becoming “the party of Jefferson Davis.” How is the GOP becoming like the old Confederacy? For Matthews, the ...
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Chris Matthews, Who Compared Conservatives to 'Nazis,' Rails Against Comparing Liberals to 'Nazis'

The liberal Chris Matthews on Monday night railed against commentator Ben Carson for comparing the progressive movement to Nazis. However, Matthews isn't in a position to judge. He has repeatedly ...
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Obama-Supporter, MSNBC Alum Smerconish Gets CNN Show; Network Plays Up His 'Independence'

CNN president Jeff Zucker praised MSNBC guest host Michael Smerconish on Tuesday as he announced that the the cable news network would be giving the radio talk show host a weekly program: "We are ...
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MSNBC Completely Ignores Latest ObamaCare Delay, Spends Nearly One-Fourth of Prime Time on Chris Christie

At 4:57 on Monday afternoon, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner hyped “Breaking news from the Treasury Department. The White House has announced a second delay to part of the Affordable Care Act’s employer ...
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