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Chris Matthews: 'Women Are Going to Die This Week' Because of Sequester Shelter Cuts

Liberal anchor Chris Matthews on Monday suggested that sequester cuts impacting shelter and housing funds could result in "some women" "dying this week." Matthews brought on the former National ...
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Refusing to See "Atmosphere of Scandal" Around Obama; On Cue, MSNBC Finds Racism

Despite the Benghazi fiasco, revelations of IRS partisanship, and unprecedented treatment of journalists, the Executive Editor of the New York Times insists there's no "atmosphere of scandal" ...
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Bizarre Chris Matthews: It's Like Germany Won World War II Because They Have High Speed Rail?

An unhinged Chris Matthews on Thursday launched into a bewildering rant, lamenting the scandals swirling around the President and suggesting that Germany may have actually won World War II because ...
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Trashing a Tea Partier: Top 10 Most Vicious Anti-Bachmann Quotes

Republican Congresswoman and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann’s announcement on Wednesday that she is not running for re-election marks the end of a four-term congressional career full of ...
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Chris Matthews Plots 2016 for Hillary: It's Just a Question of 'Who's Going to Help Her Win It'

According to Chris Matthews on Tuesday, having Rand Paul or Ted Cruz as opponents would result in an easy win for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Hardball host, who famously had a "thrill" going up ...
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"Voters Will Punish" GOP If They Pursue Obama's Scandals

As scandals surround the Obama administration, the networks suggest that if Republicans pursue investigations, they'll be guilty of "overreaching," or "overplaying their hand," while the ...
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Chris Matthews Rails Against 'Profiling' By IRS: It's Like Targeting Innocent Arabs

If Barack Obama is losing Chris Matthews, he might be in serious trouble. The MSNBC host on Wednesday declared that the Tea Party is the victim of "profiling" by the Internal Revenue Service that ...
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Chris Matthews Admits: Press Is 'Pro-Obama'; If President Disagrees, He's 'Crazy'

Even Chris Matthews admits it. Talking to the liberal Alex Wagner on Wednesday's Hardball about the IRS scandal, the cable host came clean on the press and their love for Barack Obama. After ...
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Obama's Legacy? Scandal

Obama is not a “victim” of a “second-term curse.” This is the corrupt first term beginning to smell, and even the media cannot deny the odor of malfeasance.
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Matthews and Jonathan Alter Freak Out: 'Vulnerable' Obama Hurt By Staffers With 'Unhealthy Love' for Him

Liberal journalists Chris Matthews and Jonathan Alter conducted a freak out session on Tuesday. Citing the growing IRS, Libya and Associated Press scandals, Matthews ranted that Barack Obama is a ...
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