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Chris Matthews

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Chris Matthews: Republicans Are Like Whites in South Africa Who Defended Apartheid

A bitter Chris Matthews on Monday compared Republican efforts with voter ID laws to apartheid in South Africa. Talking to civil rights leader Wade Henderson, Matthews introduced his sneering ...
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Unhinged Chris Matthews on Conservative Opposition to Obama: 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate'

In case you weren't sure, Chris Matthews wants viewers to know: Conservative opposition to Barack Obama is made up mostly by racist "haters." In a two minute rant on Thursday's Hardball, Matthews ...
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Chris Matthews Pollutes Royal Baby Coverage: Brits Like Us Even When We're the 'Bad Guy'

Not even the birth of the royal baby could keep Chris Matthews from making a snide liberal attack. In a closing commentary, Monday night, the Hardball anchor touted the special relationship ...
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Movie Mad Matthews: Dick Cheney Packed Liz Into 'Missile' to 'Continue the 'Life Form' in Wyoming

During an angry rant over the announcement that Liz Cheney will be running for the United States senate in 2014, Chris Matthews offered up one of his typically bizarre movie reference to explain ...
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Chris Matthews Compares Gavin Newsom to Executed Civil War-Era Abolitionist, America Is Now 'Half Slave'

Though Chris Matthews was happy with Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings in support of gay marriage, the liberal host still used hyperbolic rhetoric to describe the state of the country and the ...
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Huh? Chris Matthews: Stop Global Warming or Miami Will Be Turned Into a Hovering 'Atlantis!'

The always hyperbolic Chris Matthews on Tuesday touted Barack Obama's call for action on global warming with a rambling warning. The Hardball anchor hyperventilated, "And why did President Obama ...
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Blaming GOP "Haters" for Problems Passing Amnesty Bill; Opposing Pork-Laden Farm Bill = Ugly, Racist "Jihad"

Liberal pundits slam "haters" like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as a problem for amnesty proponents trying to pass a bill, even as journalists trash opponents of the pork-laden farm bill as ...
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Chris Matthews Gushes: 'Transparent' Bill Clinton Is Just Like Mobster 'Icon' Tony Soprano

According to pop culture-obsessed Chris Matthews, a good comparison to TV "icon" Tony Soprano is Bill Clinton. While discussing the untimely passing of actor James Gandolfini, the Hardball anchor ...
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MSNBC: Obama and Merkel Are the New 'Ronnie and Maggie'; Matthews Sees Conspiracy to Push Hillary 2016

MSNBC's Chris Matthews and his liberal guest on Wednesday thrilled over the relationship between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson even ...
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Chris Matthews: Weird Gun People Are Not 'Normal,' 'Obsessed,' Racist

According to Chris Matthews, pro-Second Amendment Americans are weird, not "normal," "obsessed" and probably racist. In a segment on Thursday's Hardball, the cable host played a new National Rifle ...
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