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NBC Skips Big Win for Second Amendment, Hypes Bigfoot Reality Show Instead

Both ABC's Good Morning America and CBS This Morning on Tuesday covered a big win for the Second Amendment in the courts. NBC's Today couldn't make time for the ruling by a federal judge that ...
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ABC Gushes Over Radical, Pro-Obama Priest Who Accused U.S. of 'Raping' 'People of Color'

Imagine if controversial, conservative radio host Michael Savage also ran a charity supporting poor, urban youths. Would ABC ignore the inflammatory things he has said and only focus on the ...
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ABC and NBC Use Blood-Soaked Chicago to Push for Gun Control, Ignore Restrictive Laws

All three network newscasts on Friday featured Chicago as an example of Barack Obama's call for more gun control. ABC and NBC ignored the inconvenient fact that the city already has some of the ...
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NBC: Chicago Gun Restrictions Ineffective Because of Gun Rights Elsewhere

In a report at the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Kevin Tibbles fretted that "Despite bylaws that prohibit gun shops within city limits...Chicago appears to be awash in guns." A ...
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NYT's Monica Davey Stumbles on the Case Against Gun Control, But Recovers

Times reporter Monica Davey glimpses the ineffectiveness of gun control, but sidesteps the obvious conclusion: "And yet Chicago, a city with no civilian gun ranges and bans on both assault ...
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NYT Double Standards on Race, Religion on Display in Contest to Fill Jesse Jackson Jr. Seat

Double standards on race and religion in the New York Times. The paper's liberal concerns about racism in voting patterns or separation of church and state, so prevalent when discussing white ...
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NYT Keeps Liberal Priorities Straight, Sorting Chicago Murders By Race and Class

Monica Davey's front-page New York Times story on rising homicides in Chicago, governed by former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, was suspiciously silent on the utter failure of the city's ...
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CBS Hounds Rahm Emanuel from the Left on Gun Control; Completely Avoids Chicago's High Murder Rate

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose ganged up on former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel from the left. O'Donnell cited sources blaming Emanuel for the President's ...
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Rich Portrays Chicago Teachers As Acting on Principle, Skips $75,000 Average Salary

Getting to the left of her paper's editorial page, Times reporter Motoko Rich portrayed the striking Chicago teachers' union as acting on principle: "These efforts are stirring skepticism and ...
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CBS Plays Softball With Durbin on ObamaCare, Chicago Teachers Strike

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell let Illinois Senator Dick Durbin forward the Democratic Party's talking points against Mitt Romney on ObamaCare by tossing him ...
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