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Times Plays Two More Rounds of 'Name That Party' in Tuesday's Paper

Two controversial Democrats, one arrested for security leaks, another under investigation for alleged shady financial dealings under his governorship. Neither were identified as Democrats by the ...

Times Spikes Fast & Furious Hearing in Print, Omits Eric Holder's Admission Completely

So what did AG Eric Holder know and when did he know it? Savage doesn't say: "Senator Charles E. Grassley...also sought to keep the focus on Fast and Furious, grilling Mr. Holder about what and ...

Times Ignores Sen. Reid's Patriot Act Hypocrisy, Embraces the Act in Obama Era

The Times has certainly become more comfortable with the Patriot Act since the Bush administration: "Patriot Act Battle Could Hinder Investigators." But a 2005 story on extending a Patriot Act ...

Times Uses Wikileaks to Discredit Guantanamo Bay

The Times lead on Monday continues the paper's criticism of Guantanamo Bay: "The murkiness of the secret intelligence - and the fact that interrogators gathered much of their information from the ...

Obama's Rejection of DOMA Brings Usual Labeling Slant: 'Conservatives' vs. 'Advocates'

The paper greeted the news the Obama administration had decided the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional with big lead-story play and predictable labeling imbalance, presenting supporters of ...

NYT Already Pushing 'Entrapment' Defense in Case of Islamic Would-Be Christmas Tree Bomber

The Times is already pushing the "entrapment" defense in the case of the Portland Christmas-tree bomber, sympathizing with local Muslims in opposition to the anti-terror investigation. And after ...

Tom DeLay Cleared: Times Puts Story on A-18

When ethics probers drop an investigation into a conservative, it's apparently less newsworthy than weeds at organic golf courses.

Far-Left Terrorist Helpers Just 'Human Rights Lawyers' at the NYT

Charlie Savage again finds benign terms to describe the far-left outfit Center for Constitutional Rights in its quest to assist alleged Christmas airline bombing plotter Anwar al-Awlaki.

Kagan Triumphant: 'Some Republicans See Her Confirmation to the Supreme Court As All but Assured'

All hail Kagan! Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Charlie Savage: "But try as they might, Republicans could not knock Solicitor General Elena Kagan off her stride. And as her second day of questioning by ...

Elena Kagan Was Just 'Trying to...Chart a Centrist Course' for Clinton White House?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg examines some of Kagan's papers from her days as a Clinton adviser and finds both Kagan and Clinton to be sensible centrists, even on abortion.
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