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Charlie Savage

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NY Times Looks on Bright Side: '72 Percent' of Released Gitmo Detainees Not Out Committing Terror

Wait, what? New York Times legal reporter Charlie Savage: "The risk aversion comes amid claims by intelligence agencies that 16 percent of 603 former detainees were 'confirmed' -- and an ...
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NY Times Buries Sen. Paul's Filibuster, While Wash Post Carries Two Full News Stories

Republican Sen. Rand Paul's filibuster on Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to rule out drone strikes against U.S. citizens was absent from the front page of the New York Times. The ...
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New York Times (Gently) Nails Obama's Hypocrisy on Targeted Killings

The New York Times kind of, sort of, accuses Barack Obama of double standards over secrecy in the war on terror: "Early in his first term, President Obama rejected the vehement protests of the ...
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New York Times' Massacre Coverage Permeated With Calls for Gun Control

The New York Times wasted no time in politicizing Friday's massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Calls for legislation permeating the paper's weekend coverage of the ...

Come on: Times Reporter Calls Tea Party 'Conservative,' But Noam Chomsky Is Merely a 'Dissident Thinker'?

According to New York Times legal reporter Charlie Savage, the Tea Party is "conservative," but leftist Noam Chomsky is merely a "dissident thinker." And no label or identification for Chris ...
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