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Brent Bozell talks about MRC's "Worst of the Worst 2014" on FNC's Hannity, 10:30pm ET/PT


CBS's Schieffer to Biden: Doesn't George Bush 'Also Need a Little Thanks for That?'

Words never spoken before by a CBS News journalist: "Do you think also that George Bush would also need a little thanks for that?" That very unusual quest to credit former President Bush came from ...

CBS's Face the Nation Worries 'Moderates' Excluded from GOP in 'Suicide Pact'

CBS devoted half of Sunday's Face the Nation to the pressing question of "divisions within the Republican Party: Is there room for moderates?" Fill-in host Harry Smith posed loaded questions, such ...

CBS's Schieffer Accuses Limbaugh of Breaking White House's 'Truce' with FNC

Rush Limbaugh's tough criticisms of President Barack Obama on Fox News Sunday "broke" the White House's truce with Fox News, Bob Schieffer suggested during an interview with Obama's Senior ...
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