UAW Has Reason to Celebrate This Labor Day

Networks downplay union criticism while Obama's control of auto companies pays off for labor.

Charity: The Untold Story of Katrina

Media ignored kindness of American people in favor of propagating myths about the storm that destroyed New Orleans.

Undercover Video Reveals $3 Million Bribe Scheme in $27-Billion Suit Against Chevron

Lawsuit that inspired '60 Minutes' report and NYTimes story has corruption angle not revealed in outlets' reporting.

Dan Rather to Headline $200-a-Person Fundraiser for Far-Left 'Nation' Magazine

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather will speak at a $200-a-person fundraising event for the hard-left Nation magazine in New York on September 23. The Nation's website advertises: "Meet Dan Rather, Jane ...

CBS's Schieffer: Ted Kennedy 'Was The Classic American Hero'

At the end of Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, host Bob Schieffer fondly remembered Ted Kennedy, exclaiming: "In a sense he was the classic American hero, the imperfect man who was sorely tested ...

Kennedy: A Case Study in Liberal Myth-Making

Covering Senator's Death, Reporters Chose to Celebrate Big Government Activism Rather than Debate It

CBS's Smith: 'Does A Kennedy Belong' in Ted's Senate Seat?

Speaking with Ted Kennedy's niece, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith wondered: "Does a Kennedy belong in your uncle's old Senate seat?" Townsend replied: ...

CBS: Kennedy's Death 'Gives New Life' to Health Care Reform

At the top of the 8AM ET hour of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Russ Mitchell wondered if Ted Kennedy's death could "spur Congress to pass a health care reform bill?" Correspondent Nancy ...

CBS Historian Douglas Brinkley: Ted Kennedy A 'Martyr' for ObamaCare

During the 2:00AM ET hour of CBS's Up to the Minute on Wednesday, shortly after news broke of Senator Ted Kenney's death, historian Douglas Brinkley exclaimed the Massachusetts Democrat was: ...

FNC: Bush Volunteered for Vietnam, CBS's Mapes Knowingly Omitted from Story

On Tuesday, FNC's The O'Reilly Factor hosted FNC analyst Bernard Goldberg as the former CBS News correspondent highlighted a story recently posted on his Web site,, in which he ...
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