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CBS 'Early Show': Pope's Visit to UK Source of 'Criticism' and 'Controversy'

At the top of Thursday's CBS Early Show, fill-in co-host Erica Hill teased a report on Pope Benedict's visit to Scotland: "'s a rather controversial visit for a number of reasons." Later, ...

NPR's Michel Martin Links Timothy McVeigh to Catholicism: 'Did Anybody Move a Catholic Church?'

On Sunday's Reliable Sources on CNN, during a discussion of the Ground Zero mosque controversy, after Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson recommended that the mosque be moved as a compromise, NPR's ...

Times Finally Questions Context of Abuse Allegations Against The Vatican

Monica Davey gives The Vatican a say: "Jeffrey S. Lena, a California lawyer representing the Holy See, said that while Mr. Anderson had performed an important function...his legal maneuvers ...

WaPo Fawns Over Lawyer 'Taking Bites Out of [Catholic Church's] A**'

WaPo quotes lawyer attacking Catholic Church nine times, his opponents only given one partial quote.

Maureen Dowd: Being a Catholic Woman Like Being One In Saudi Arabia

The Catholic Church and Islam are the same thing when it comes to their treatment of women according to Maureen Dowd: "I, too, rationalized as men in dresses allowed our religious kingdom to decay ...

Newsweek Calls the Catholic Church an 'All-Male Club … Keeping Modernity at Bay'

Lisa Miller's latest Catholic-hating article calls the Church 'ingrown' and 'out of touch with people.'

Media: Pope Benedict Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In Holy Week reports, broadcast networks ignore evidence in his defense

The Media's Vatican Coup

It's bad enough when liberal media elites want to run the Republican party or conservative movement. What Catholic would trust them to run the Catholic Church? They see the church as a loathsome ...

CBS 'Sunday Morning' Goes After Catholic Church on Easter Sunday

On CBS's Sunday Morning, host Charles Osgood marked Easter Sunday by proclaiming: "For many Roman Catholics, the joy of this Easter is mixed with sadness over continuing charges of child abuse and ...

Media Run to NYT's Defense, Accuse Vatican of 'Killing the Messenger'

On Thursday's Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, host Dylan Ratigan went after the Vatican for criticizing the slanted New York Times reporting on the priest sex abuse scandal: "Blame the messenger. The ...
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