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U.S. Nets Joins British Authorities in Hushing Muslim Sex Abuse Scandal

Nets obsessed with Catholic sex abuse silent on Muslim crimes.
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NY Times Covers A Few Million Gays More Than 76 Million Catholics

New graphing tool shows paper biased against religion that is one-fourth U.S. population.
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‘Catholic’ College Profs Demand Abortion, but Advocate Dolphin ‘Personhood’

To some Loyola Marymount academics, dolphins have more value than humans.
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CBS, Lefty Sites Quick to Slam New Pope

Is Pope Catholic? To media chagrin, yes.
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Did The New Yorker Draw Dirty Pic of Pope?

Media blog points possibly offensive feature of cover cartoon.
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Lefty Paper: The Papists are Coming for our Health Care!

Here’s a delightful item from the tolerant left. Yesterday, Seattle left-wing alternative newspaper The Stranger wrote an attack piece on Catholic healthcare so bigoted it would warm the heart ...
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Dan Savage Bashes Pope and Media Ignore It

Foul, anti-Catholic comment greets pope’s retirement.
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HLN’s Kyra Phillips Presses for New Liberal Pope

New show pushes papacy to the left, once again.
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‘On Faith’ Writer Declares ‘What Catholics can Learn From the Quran’

Imagine if Post had written what Muslims could learn from Bible.
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JFK and Mitt: The Media’s Double Standard on Faith

Media defended Kennedy’s Catholicism, attacked Romney’s Mormonism.
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