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CNN Smears Reagan Legacy; Touts 'A Lot of People Who Were Suffering' Under Reagan

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux and Carol Costello teamed up to throw water on what they saw to be a mythical legacy of President Reagan.

CNN to Bachmann: Do You Regret Following God's 'Edict' to Run for President?

CNN's Carol Costello asked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Tuesday if she "regretted" following God's "edict" to run for President.

GOP Senator Educates CNN Host: 'Your Job Is Not to Convince Me'

When CNN's Carol Costello admitted to Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) her inability to convince him that Republicans on the super committee didn't raise enough tax revenue, he simply responded that "your ...

CNN to Norquist: 'Aren't You Exactly What a Lot of Voters Hate About Our System?'

CNN's Carol Costello borrowed from the Democrats on Monday's American Morning and demanded that conservative Grover Norquist explain why he wasn't "exactly what a lot of voters hate" about ...

Big Three Nets, CNN Bring On Cain Accuser; CNN Targets Limbaugh

The same networks that ignored sexual allegations against Democrats for months all leaped on Tuesday to interview Sharon Bialek and her liberal advocate Gloria Allred on the morning after she came ...

Liberal CNN Host Hits Conservative Editor for Bias

CNN's Carol Costello, on Thursday's American Morning, scolded the editor of conservative publication Human Events for not providing the same critical coverage of both Republicans and Democrats.

CNN Asks: Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?

CNN tried to tie Jesus to a liberal movement on Wednesday as correspondent Carol Costello labeled various religious authorities as supporters of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests ' even as she ...

CNN Accuses Perry of Using Patriotism as 'Political Tool'

On Thursday's American Morning, CNN regarded Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry's newest web-ad as using "patriotism as a political tool." Co-host Carol Costello lumped his ad in with ...

CNN Host Promotes Liberal Morgan Freeman's Demand Obama Get 'Fighting Mad'

CNN anchor Carol Costello related how actor Morgan Freeman "ran into him [Obama] on the golf course and he said, he said he wanted to tell the President to quote, 'Get pissed off, get fighting ...

CNN's Costello Floats Bill Maher's, Al Gore's Ideas of Liberal Tea Party

With such esteemed liberal intellectual heavyweights like comedian Bill Maher and Al Gore calling for the liberal grassroots to stand up and make their voices heard, CNN's Carol Costello floated ...
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