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CNN Warns of Extremism, Exclusion In GOP; Touts 'Humongous' Gender Gap

Following the liberal media's precedent at GOP conventions, CNN hit the Republican Party for being too extreme and intolerant on Monday morning. As the MRC reported Monday in a Media Reality ...
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Obama Guts Welfare Reform, But CNN Wields Liberal Talking Points to Say Otherwise

CNN relied on liberal analysis and Democratic talking points to dismantle a new Romney campaign claim about Obama gutting welfare reform. On Wednesday morning the network twice cited PolitiFact ...
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CNN Uses Sikh Shooting to Tackle Islamophobia -- Despite No Evidence Linking the Two

Despite admitting no direct evidence of Islamophobia behind the recent Wisconsin Sikh shooting, CNN's Carol Costello still tried to connect Islamophobia to the shooting and hype it as a ...
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CNN Panel Whacks 'Out of Touch' Romney for Horse In Olympics

In a move out of the liberal playbook, CNN hammered Mitt Romney on Thursday for appearing out of touch because his horse is competing in the "elitist" Olympic event of dressage. "He's back ...
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Hypocritical CNN Downplays Gay Agenda -- When Obama Is Under Fire for It

CNN, the network that encourages gay activists and promotes the gay agenda, is now trying to sweep the issue aside – when President Obama is under fire for his support of gay marriage, that ...
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CNN Asks La Raza If New Voter ID Laws Are 'War on Minority Voters'

CNN's Carol Costello teed up a La Raza chairman on Monday by asking him if some new voter ID laws are tantamount to a "war on minority voters." After playing a clip of Attorney General Eric Holder ...
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CNN Cheers Liberal Nuns Protesting the Ryan Budget, Hosts No One from Ryan's Side

Over the span of about three weeks, CNN followed a group of liberal nuns on their bus tour protesting the Ryan budget, interviewing one of the leading nuns three times. In contrast, Congressman ...
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CNN Anchor Tells Bill Nye He's Losing to Conservatives 'Politicizing' the Climate

CNN's Carol Costello told guest Bill Nye "The Science Guy" on Monday that climate change skeptics are "politicizing this issue" and "winning." Of course, the two did not admit to the ...
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Desperate CNN Anchor Begs Obama and Romney to Defend Their Health Care Plans

In a pathetic act of desperation, CNN's Carol Costello whined that President Obama is not defending his own health care bill well enough and that Mitt Romney is not standing behind his own ...
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Breaking News? CNN Listens to Sandra Fluke Explain Why She's Voting for Obama

CNN considers it "news" that a liberal activist who went to Capitol Hill and pleaded for mandated contraception coverage in insurance plans has announced she's voting for Obama. And CNN thought ...
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