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NYTimes Twice Ties Right-Leaning ALEC to Trayvon Martin Case; 'Risks of Focusing on Social Issues'

Potraying social conservatism as a loser for the GOP, two Times stories (one on Sunday's front page) take on the right-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council for its extremely tenuous ties ...

Cooper Basks in 'Obama Camp's Delight' Over Romney Struggles

Helene Cooper: "Both moments were perceived by the Obama re-election campaign as another gift from Mr. Romney - now dubbed 'the gift that keeps on giving' by some on the Obama team."

How Dare Romney Say Obama Made Economy Worse: Reporters Rush to Prez's Defense

Reporters rush to Obama's defense: How dare Romney say Obama has made the economy worse! "It was a dubious statement, because the unemployment rate fell to precisely what it was during Mr. Obama's ...

NBC's Lauer Chats With Obama About GOP Candidates 'Pummeling Each Other,' Cues Obama on If Romney 'Can Identify with Middle Class?'

Once again touting the latest cover of New Yorker magazine, NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer lobbed this softball to President Obama in a pre-Super Bowl interview: " watching the big game on ...
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Slobbering Over Obama's SOTU; Appalled by "Vulgar" and "Rude" Jan Brewer

Journalists blast Jan Brewer, slobber over Barack Obama, bash Mitt Romney's millions and falsely declare George W. Bush the "food stamp President."

NBC Uses Trump Endorsement to Promote DNC Attacks on Romney

Following Democratic National Committee talking points to the letter at the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams saw Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney as an excuse to ...

Strange New Respect for Mormon Faith When It Comes to Amnesty for Illegals, Tweaking Romney

Suddenly it's not courageous to disagree with the leaders of your religion: "Romney's Tough Immigration View Is at Odds With His Church." Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein even showed respect for ...

Meet Mitt Romney, 'Unfeeling Corporate Titan'

Well, it's slightly better than "greedy titan," which is the insult Times reporters relayed in January.

NBC: Obama Campaign Has 'One More Item' to Add to 'Greatest Hits Reel Against Romney'

Sounding like an Obama campaign spokesman on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Peter Alexander touted how a recent gaffe by Mitt Romney was "not the first time...Remember that he said ...

Times Freely Mocks Mormons: 'I Wouldn't Buy the Underwear Just Yet'

The Times online has "Room for Debate" to mock some religions, including Mormonism: "I wouldn't buy the underwear just yet....[the Mormon Church] has used its mobilizing genius to pursue political ...
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