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Surprise: New York Times Actually Takes Seriously Obama 2007 Video Praising Rev. Wright (With Caveats)

In a bit of a surprise, the New York Times filed an article on a recently unearthed Obama video from 2007 showing the president in a fiery, racially charged mode, praising his anti-American ...
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Chris Matthews Continues Tantrum Over Romney's 'Etch-A-Sketch' Debate Performance

Picking up where he left off Wednesday night, on Thursday's NBC Today, MSNBC's Chris Matthews continued to whine over President Obama's poor debate performance and ranted that Mitt Romney has ...
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As Other Outlets See Romney Debate Win, NYT Plays It Neutral: 'Feel of Seminar as Accusations Fly'

The first Obama-Romney presidential debate ran under less-than-informative headlines in the New York Times: "Obama and Romney, in First Debate, Spar Over Fixing the Economy'; "Feel of Seminar as ...
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NBC Poll: Recent News Coverage Gave Voters 'Less Favorable' View of Romney

Reporting the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll numbers on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, political director Chuck Todd touted a rather obvious finding in the numbers, relentless media ...
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NBC's Chuck Todd Slams Rasmussen Poll as 'Slop'

Appearing on CNBC's Squawk Box on Wednesday, NBC News political director Chuck Todd launched into a rant attacking Rasmussen Reports polling: "We spend a lot more money polling than Scott ...
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NYT's Trip Gabriel Defends Biden's 'Stray Sentence' About the Buried Middle Class As 'Yanked from Context'

Campaign reporter Trip Gabriel makes excuses for Joe Biden's "middle class" flub: "A stray sentence by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday became the latest remark seized by the ...
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Pre-Debate, New York Times Defends Obama from 'Bad Hand' Dealt by Bush

Defending Obama in a pre-debate pre-fact-check:"Nonpartisan analysts agree that Mr. Obama inherited a bad hand: the 2009 deficit was a projected $1.2 trillion when he took office because of ...
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NBC Dismisses Obama Video as Old News, Edits Out Jeremiah Wright Comments

In a stunning omission on Wednesday's NBC Today, brief coverage of a 2007 video of Barack Obama completely ignored the then-Senator praising his controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright as a ...
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North Dakota, Yet Another 'Deeply Conservative' State, Where 'North Dakota Nice' Is Pitted Against the GOP

New York Times reporter Jonathan Weisman celebrates "North Dakota nice" when it may help Democrats retain the U.S. Senate: "Though North Dakota is deeply conservative and is on no one’s ...
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NBC Claims 'Awkward Stumble' for Scott Brown Admiring 'Ultra-Conservative' Justice Scalia

In a report on Tuesday's NBC Today, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell described "awkward stumbles" for Senator Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren in a Massachusetts senatorial debate on ...
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