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This Bites: Networks Devote 14 Minutes to Soccer ‘Chomp’; Pass on Sudanese Christian on Death Row

>Woman’s life hangs in the balance, but ABC, NBC, CBS talk World Cup.
Media Research Center

Networks Boost First Lady in ‘Food Fight’ Over School Lunches

More than 60 percent of outside experts in ABC, CBS and NBC reports argue in favor of school lunch requirements.
Media Research Center

ABC, NBC Reluctant to Name Nigerian Kidnappers as Muslim

CBS rightly calls Boko Haram Islamist 70 percent of time.
Media Research Center

3 to 1: Nets quote Lib Over Conservative Justices in Hobby Lobby Reports

Evening broadcast filled reports with liberal justice quotes.
Media Research Center

Networks Never Covered German Home-School Family Plight

ABC, CBS, NBC ignored Romeike story.
Media Research Center

Of the Nets, Only CBS Covered Record Low Abortion Rate

ABC, NBC spare no time for good news.
Media Research Center

Pro-Life Leaders Slam Nets on March for Life Coverage

Baby panda vs. March coverage ‘outrageous.’
Media Research Center

Media Millionaires: 6 Wealthy Journalists Whine about Income Inequality

Despite their incredible wealth, anchors promote liberal views on taxes, wealth and income.
Media Research Center

Networks Covered Baby Panda 6X More than March for Life

Fifty-five million aborted and ABC, CBS, NBC want to talk Bao Bao.
Media Research Center

NBC Ignores Challenges to New Cholesterol Guidelines

After networks promote misleading information, all correct story except NBC.
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