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Appalled Schieffer Blasts 'Vulgar' and 'Rude' Brewer: 'We're a Better People Than This'

A question we've never posed and likely no one outside of CBS News has ever considered: "We wondered what Bob Schieffer thinks of all of this?" Yet that's how CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley ...

Schieffer Dismisses ObamaCare Repeal as 'Waste of Time,' Amanpour Baffled by Tea Party: 'What on Earth Do They Mean By That?'

Two signs Sunday morning of how the Washington press corps are dismissive and befuddled by the Tea Party. On This Week, they flummoxed Christiane Amanpour: "What on earth do they mean by that?" On ...

Network Reporters and Sunday Hosts Rue Increased Deficit from Tax Compromise, As If Not Hiking Taxes is a 'Cost'

Nearly 80 percent of the $858 billion "cost" of the tax bill signed by President Obama is from the $675 billion over the next ten years the government would have received if income tax rates were ...

Kyl Repeatedly Corrects Schieffer: No Tax 'Cuts' for Rich, Just Extending Existing Rates; Schieffer: 'I Gotcha'

On Sunday's Face the Nation, Republican Senate whip Jon Kyl kept correcting host Bob Schieffer about how extending tax "rates," not "cuts," is what is being debated, leading Schieffer to conceded ...

Networks Hype Global Warming Study Based on 'Proxy' Evidence

News shows leave out the 'Little Ice Age,' lack of temperature data, and role of the sun in warming.
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