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Deborah Solomon Gives Up 'Q&A' Slot; Showed Blatant Hostility Toward Conservatives

Peter Baker's respectful interview with Donald Rumsfeld in the Times Sunday Magazine makes quite a contrast with Deborah Solomon's aggressive and hostile approach toward conservatives like William ...

On Today: Bobby Jindal Slams Obama for His Slow Response to Oil Spill, Lauer Offers Excuses

Bobby Jindal, on Monday's Today show, slammed the Obama administration for its slow response to the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, charging that: "It seemed like the federal government ...

After Blaming Katrina on Bush, the Times Shifts Blame from Obama to Gov. Jindal of Louisiana

After nonstop blaming of President Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill is pitting a Democratic president against Republican governor Bobby Jindal - and conveniently awakened the ...

Olbermann Undermines GOP Response Speaker as 'Birther' Who Was 'Sued for Malpractice'

Keith Olbermann tried to discredit Congressman Charles Boustany immediately after the Louisiana Republican finished giving the GOP response, charging he had been "sued for malpractice three ...

Breathtakingly Bold Barack?

As Gov. Bobby Jindal began to offer a Republican response, it became apparent that he would be no match with Barack Obama in the soaring-oratory department.

NYT's Blow Goes After "Limbaugh-tomized Minions of the Far, Far Right"

With admirable concision, Times columnist Charles Blow (pictured) packs lots of GOP insults - "three blind mice," "axis of drivel" - into one short column.

Ignorant Questions to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Converting to Christianity = Rejecting Family Values?

Deborah Solomon to La. Gov. Bobby Jindal: "If the Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values, what should we make of the fact that you rejected the name your parents gave you, ...

Nossiter Sniffs at Conservative La. Gov. Jindal, Friend of "Fiscal Stringency"

Scary conservatives afoot in Louisiana, warns reporter Adam Nossiter: "Religion and fiscal stringency have a friendly home at the state Capitol here, with a conservative, Bobby Jindal, in the ...

Low Taxes: Enemy of Southern States

Adam Nossiter on Louisiana's new young Republican governor: "[Bobby Jindal] has already talked of cutting taxes on business, prompting questions about whether he will move beyond such traditional ...

Times Oddly Underwhelmed by Victory of Indian-American in Louisiana

Could it be because Louisiana Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal is a conservative, religious Republican?
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