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Bob Schieffer

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Bob Schieffer Complains Money In Politics ‘Shames Us All’

On Sunday, Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer followed in NBC host Chuck Todd’s footsteps by predictably dragging up the tired liberal line that money is destroying American ...
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Schieffer Undermines Obama Campaign’s Anti-al-Qaeda Talking Point He Advanced

CBS’s Bob Schieffer on Thursday night used the 9/11 anniversary as a chance to chastise Presidents Bush and Obama for making declarations that the war on terrorism had been won, but two and a ...
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CBS’s Schieffer Gushes Over Obama’s ISIS Speech; ‘Now This Represents a Major Change in American Strategy’

After President Obama’s speech on confronting the Islamic terrorist group ISIS on Wednesday night, each of the major broadcast networks offered some brief analysis before returning to regularly ...
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CBS Host Schieffer Wonders How Sens. McCain and Graham Deal With GOP During Immigration Crisis

CBS Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer attempted to create controversy within the Republican Party over the subject of immigration reform during a joint interview with Senators John ...
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CBS Host Bob Schieffer Frets: How Does GOP Prevent Another Goldwater ‘Historic Landslide’ in 2016?

During a Face the Nation interview with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Bob Schieffer attempted to portray the GOP as being in a state of disarray and proceeded to compare them to the 1964 Republican ...
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CBS’s Schieffer Fails to Challenge Timothy Geithner’s Claim That White House Didn’t Direct Him to Spin Negative News

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, to promote his new memoir Stress Test, yet host Bob Schieffer barely touched on the most ...
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TV 'News' Enlists in Obama's Climate Crusade; Benghazi Just a GOP Voodoo Cult

Network journalists drop their skepticism when it comes to the President's push on climate change, with ABC's Ginger Zee expressing what an "honor" it was to interview Obama on the topic, while ...
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On Face the Nation Michael Eric Dyson Compares Paul Ryan to Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling

Appearing as a guest on CBS’s Sunday program Face the Nation, liberal Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson used the Donald Sterling controversy to make an unnecessary swipe at ...
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CBS’s Schieffer to Rick Santorum: Are We Going Backwards on Guns?

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, April 27 and was bombarded with a variety of liberal questions from host Bob Schieffer. Santorum was on CBS to ...
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CBS Host Bob Schieffer: ‘Are Republicans Against Equal Pay for Women?’

CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer forwarded the liberal line that women get paid 77 percent of what their male counterparts earn as was evident during an interview with ...
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