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Bloomberg Drops Neutral Pretense with Ad Slamming Ted Cruz

Sneers that ‘religious liberty’ is ‘politics.”
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Bloomberg to Hybrid Buyers: ‘Don’t Pull Out A Calculator’

Lower gas prices mean Toyota Prius ‘is for drivers who stink at math.’
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Chevron Attacker Still the Hero in Rolling Stone Hit Job

Liberal ‘journalist’ glosses over ghostwritten scientific reports, court rulings, RICO case and bribery to blast oil company.
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Vanity Fair Used Polluted Journalism Against Chevron in Ecuador Story

Magazine reporter worked with eco-lawyer to help spin facts.
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Bloomberg Businessweek Acknowledges Comcast's Liberal Ties

Magazine highlights cable company's close relationship with DC.
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Businessweek: Leaving Finance Behind for Liberal Politics

Comparing the Tea Party to characters from 'Alice in Wonderland' was just the latest of the magazine’s politicized issues.
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Business Magazine Finds Media Punching Bag Was Boon to Business

Media made Rick Perry a ‘punchline,’ but his record of bringing businesses to Texas is praiseworthy.
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Broadcasts Ignore ‘Bizarre twist’ of Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit

Several years ago, CBS’s “60 Minutes,” CNN and The New York Times tarred Chevron with biased reporting about a lawsuit between the oil company and an “eco-radical” group called Amazon Defense ...
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Businessweek Cover Mocks Mormons

Magazine joins the anti-Romney effort by examining LDS’ ‘sprawling corporate empire.’

Businessweek Finds Pa. Town Wounded from Anti-Fracking Battle

Environmental extremists and regulators stopped drilling before it started, leaving locals struggling. 
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