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Jersey News Outlet Cries ‘Global Warming’ as Blizzard Approaches

As northeast braces for a winter storm, eco-nut worries about a hotter planet.

ABC Scolds 'Rising Star of the Republican Party' Chris Christie for Missing Blizzard

Of the three morning shows, only ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday singled out New Jersey governor Chris Christie, chiding the "rising star of the Republican Party" for being out of the ...

Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn't Climate

From Associated Press to national newspapers, coverage of floods, fires, droughts, sinkholes make 'case' for global warming alarmism.

In Blizzard, Conservatives Mock Global Warming Alarmists, Left and Media Outraged

The left argues that everything from hurricanes, lack of snow and a plane crash to D.C. 'snowpocalypse' is evidence of global warming.
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