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New York Times Turns Up Heat on New Chief Executive Mark Thompson -- With Caveats

New story raises serious questions, but Times' outrage still doesn't approach its Catholic Church levels.
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New York Times Turns Up Heat on New Chief Executive Mark Thompson -- With Caveats

The paper's slow-boil coverage of an internal controversy has yet to match the front-page intensity it brought to its "damning" reporting on phone hacking by newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch, ...
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The Hiring Hypocrisy At The New York Times

The New York Times finds it implausible that a Pope, or a GOP president, or a Murdoch could ever be unaware of grave scandals beneath them. So its hiring of Mark Thompson is corporate hypocrisy.
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Updated: NY Times Hyped Pope Abuse Cover-Up Questions, Buried Them for New CEO

Paper showed far less interest in new boss’ possible cover-up of BBC sex abuse.
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NYT's Public Editor Questions 'Unwanted Baggage' of Incoming CEO Mark Thompson After BBC Coverup Scandal

New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan had some tough questions on the subject of the NYT Co.'s incoming chief executive, Mark Thompson, on what he knew about the coverup of a pedophilia ...
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BBC's Katty Kay Laments Mideast Crisis Making it Harder for Obama to Attack Romney's 'Disastrous Response'

On Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, BBC America Washington correspondent Katty Kay dismissed the electoral impact of the Obama administration's mishandling of the crisis in the Middle East: "I'm ...
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On NBC's 'Today,' BBC's Katty Kay Laments American Desire for Limited Government

During a report about "why we love the British" on Thursday's NBC Today, special correspondent Tom Brokaw declared: "In one of our election years, the British watch America with a sense of ...

BBC's Kay Suggests Tea Partiers Put Beating Obama Ahead of 'Country's Interest,' Opposing Obama is Alternative to 'Competence'

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, the BBC's Katty Kay suggested that Tea Partiers are willing to go against the "country's interest" rather than to "deal" ...

Ted Koppel Slams Undisciplined Internet Journalism, Longs for the 'Good Old Days' of CBS, ABC and NBC

Former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel appeared on Monday's edition of BBC World News America and longed for the "good old days" when the big three networks didn't have to compete with cable. Speaking ...

NBC's Brian Williams Knocks 'Hatred,' 'Venom' in Health Care Fight, Touts Objectivity

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams appeared on the BBC podcast Americana on Sunday and asserted that "hatred" and "venom" were part of the health care debate. He then hyperbolically claimed, ...
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