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"Intransigent" Republicans vs. "Just Perfect" Obama

Vol. 24, No. 25

Media Highlight 'Stupid' CNSNews Question to Barney Frank

Some members of the liberal media commemorated Rep. Barney Frank's (D-Mass.) retirement announcement by replaying his testy response to a reporter about homosexuals showering with ...

Flashback: Boston Globe Reporter Praised Barney Frank's 'Integrity' in Wake of Prostitution Scandal

Barney Frank's retirement announcement could have come as early as 1989 but back then the liberal Democratic congressman from Massachusetts relied on the liberal attitudes of his constituents and ...

NBC's Savannah Guthrie Ignores Barney Frank's Role in Housing Collapse, He Still Whines About Her 'Negative Questions'

In a testy interview on Tuesday's NBC Today, fill-in co-host Savannah Guthrie avoided asking retiring Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank about his role in the collapse of the housing market ...

'Barney Frank, Moderate'

Discussing the retirement of the extremely liberal Mass. Democrat, former reporter David Firestone shows he has a sense of humor: "But economically, Mr. Frank is essentially a centrist."

CNN Eulogizes 'Titan' Barney Frank

Reporting on Monday morning that Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was not seeking re-election, CNN's political team whitewashed his controversial tenure in office with some fond words like ...

Did CNN's Piers Morgan Forget About U.S. Military Action In Libya?

While Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was calling for troop withdrawal in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for that military spending to go to deficit reduction, CNN's Piers Morgan would not press him about ...

CNN's Don Lemon Treated Dem Opponents of Debt Ceiling Bill With Kid Gloves, But Scrutinized Dissenting Republican

Both House Democrats and Republicans opposed the debt ceiling compromise, but CNN's Don Lemon gave softball interviews to three Democratic congressmen who voted against the bill, while ...

ABC Frets That 'Angry Talk' From Sarah Palin, Boehner 'Could Push a Deranged Person Over the Edge'

Good Morning America on Thursday worried about the possible violence Sarah Palin's Twitter page could cause to Democrats who voted for the health care bill. Guest host Bill Weir interviewed Barney ...

Networks Downplay $42 Million in 'Outrageous' Bonuses, 'Unlimited' Bailout of Fannie, Freddie

Journalists critical of pay at bailed out banks muster only 175 words to report compensation of Fannie execs.
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