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ABC Leads by Trumpeting 'Anger in the Streets' from 'Hundreds' in Phoenix

"Anger in the streets and we're there for the protests," ABC anchor Diane Sawyer teased in making reaction from a few opposed to Arizona's immigration enforcement efforts her top story on Thursday ...

ABC Heralds 'Relief Replaced Dread, Hope Replaced Fear' While NBC Fears 'Backlash' from 'Angry' Arizonans

"In a matter of minutes, relief replaced dread, hope replaced fear," ABC's Barbara Pinto trumpeted in framing a Wednesday night look, at reaction to a federal judge's ruling blocking Arizona's ...

As AZ Immigration Law Looms, ABC Touts Harm to Small Businesses

ABC's World News on Sunday caught up to CBS and NBC in fretting about the potential problems caused by illegal immigrants leaving Arizona. ABC's Barbara Pinto lamented the possible damage to small ...

As Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Arizona's Law, Nets Focus on 'Uproar' and 'Spreading' Boycotts

The night after two major national polls confirmed overwhelming majorities support Arizona's impending immigration enforcement statute, CBS and ABC promoted the cause of activists in the minority. ...

ABC and NBC Champion 'Growing National Backlash' Against 'Laughing Stock' Arizona

ABC and NBC on Tuesday night promoted what Brian Williams embraced as "the growing national backlash against the state of Arizona over its tough new immigration law." ABC's Barbara Pinto touted ...

UPDATE: ABC's Coverage of Pay it Forward Organ Donation Program Saves Lives

One year later donors and recipients of a life-saving kidney donation program gather to recognize one man's generosity that inspired them all.

Was Blind, but Now She Sees – Thanks to a U.S. Soldier

ABC World News profiles an Army sergeant who took responsibility to help a suffering Iraqi girl.
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