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NBC Gushes Over French Socialists Waging Obama-Style Presidential Campaign

During a report for the April 18 edition of NBC's Rock Center, correspondent Ted Koppel was right at home with French socialist campaign workers: " is the Socialist campaign directed by these ...
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Public Editor Confesses: NYT 'Basked a Bit in the Warm Glow of Mr. Obama's Election'

New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane admits: "Many critics view The Times as constitutionally unable to address the election in an unbiased fashion. Like a lot of America, it basked a ...
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CBS Downplays Graphic Afghanistan Photos as a GOP 'Distraction,' ABC Minimizes

CBS's Bill Plante on Friday downplayed graphic photos of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan posing with severed body parts of suicide bombers as a GOP "distraction," insisting that Republicans were ...
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Obama Not Dogged By Diet Revelations, But New York Times Hits Romney in Print With 'Cookie-Gate'

Barack Obama's youthful foray into dog eating in Indonesia has yet to be mentioned in print in the Times, and was dismissed in one brief paragraph in a "Diner's Journal" blog entry. Yet the paper ...
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NBC Pounces on Ted Nugent Comments, Ignores Obama's Own History of Violent Metaphors

Uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts, Wednesday's NBC Nightly News highlighted controversial comments about President Obama recently made by conservative rocker Ted Nugent, even ...
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CBS's Rose Hounds Boehner on Ryan Budget, Cites Bishops; Went Easy on Pelosi

Charlie Rose did his best to forward liberals' talking points about Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal on Wednesday's CBS This Morning, during an interview of House Speaker John Boehner. Rose played ...
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After Weeks of Ignoring Bill Maher's Vileness, NBC's Today Freaks Over Ted Nugent's Violent Rhetoric

Everyone on NBC's Today show payroll ignored foul-mouthed comedian Bill Maher's $1 million donation to an Obama super PAC -- but NBC's Andrea Mitchell went to extravagant lengths on Wednesday ...
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CNN's Zakaria Declares: 'If I were in Congress, I'd vote for the Buffett Rule'

CNN host Fareed Zakaria faced questions about his journalistic integrity when he admitted last year that he had off-the-record conversations with President Obama even though he was covering ...
The Buffett Rule

Senate Rejects ‘Buffett Rule,’ Despite Networks’ Promotion of ‘Tax Reform’

Nearly 70 percent of stories on millionaires tax include ‘fair’ talk;  only 8 percent mention ‘politics of envy.’
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NBC Touted Romney's Dog on a Car Roof Story, But Only ABC Notes: Obama 'Tried Dog' as a Kid

Of the three major networks, only ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday covered the "dog wars" counterattack by Mitt Romney's operatives. Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos highlighted that the ...
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