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Ann Coulter

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'Sharknado 3' to Star Ann Coulter as Vice President

Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter will run the ‘Sharknado 3’ government.
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Piers Morgan Goads Ann Coulter to Admit She's 'Part of the Problem,' the 'Female Glenn Beck'

CNN's Piers Morgan tried to get Ann Coulter to admit she's a "female Glenn Beck" and "part of the problem" for her "divisive" and "partisan" rhetoric, on Wednesday's Piers Morgan Live. Glenn ...
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Piers Morgan Whines to Ann Coulter: 'Pro-Gun Side' Won't 'Relent' Even After 35 School Shootings

Piers Morgan sparred with Ann Coulter on his Wednesday CNN show over Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's vow to target the NRA in an upcoming movie and over the lack of new gun control ...
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MSNBC Panel: 'Limbaugh Cohort' 'Don't Like' Hispanics, Are 'Haters of These People'

On Thursday's The Last Word show on MSNBC, host Lawrence O'Donnell and MSNBC contributor Joy Reid asserted that Republicans who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants are "haters of" and "don't ...
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NYT Celebrates Mag of 'Mainstream' Marxism vs. 'Tea Party Invective,' 'Capitalist Vampire Squid'

The New York Times celebrated a new proudly Marxist magazine on the front of the Arts section, as reporter Jennifer Schuessler rejoiced as "A Young Publisher Takes Marx Into the Mainstream." ...
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Actor/Comic Robert Klein Shrieks in Jubilation for Obama, Then Flips Off Ann Coulter: ‘This One’s for You, Baby!’

Actor/comedian Robert Klein let loose on Monday night’s Late Show, roaring back with his fists raised, shrieking a loud, guttural “yeah!” to celebrate President Barack Obama’s re-election. And ...
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Rosenthal: 'Bull..." and 'Pernicious Nonsense' to Suggest New York Times Is Lefty Equivalent of Fox News

Editorial Page editor Andrew Rosenthal gets riled in a Freakonomics podcast: "Well it begins with bull and ends in it and you can figure out what comes in between. I think it’s absolute ...
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