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Anderson Cooper to Receive GLAAD's 'Vito Russo Award'

CNN has a special relationship with the advocacy group Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and it continues as prime-time host Anderson Cooper will be honored at the ...
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Anderson Cooper's Only Guest on Gun Issue Is Gun Control Advocate Mayor Bloomberg

Anderson Cooper's lone guest to talk guns on Thursday night was the anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), echoing CNN's ridiculous disparity of pro-gun control guests and gun rights ...
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CNN Scores Big in GLAAD 24th Media Award Nominations

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation chooses favorite shows and news networks.
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Anderson Cooper Asks How GOP Will Overcome Party 'Extremes' to Attract Latinos

Would CNN's Anderson Cooper refer to far-left Democrats as "extremists"? On Wednesday night's Anderson Cooper 360, he asked how the GOP would court Latino votes with party "extremes" standing in ...
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New Gallup Poll Shreds CNN's Speculation on Women, Abortion and the GOP

After a USA Today/Gallup poll showed women in swing states voting abortion the most important election issue, CNN hyped the news and cast a wary eye toward "controversial" Republican positions as ...
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Anderson Cooper Relies on 'Assumptions' to Debase Romney Tax Plan

CNN's Anderson Cooper cited the liberal Tax Policy Center debunking Mitt Romney's tax plan on Monday, without noting that one of the authors admitted the plan could still work with different ...
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CNN Punts on Obama Dereliction In Libya In Favor of Romney Tape

Just how bad is the media's track record this election season? On Monday, CNN's Anderson Cooper led his show with a manufactured Mitt Romney controversy instead of news that the U.S. may have ...
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Ari Fleischer Slams Media 'Double Standard' on Foreign Policy: 'They Did Not Do That to Obama or Kerry'

GOP strategist Ari Fleischer set the record straight about the media infatuation with Mitt Romney's statements on the embassy attacks. On Wednesday's Anderson Cooper 360, he called out the ...
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Anderson Cooper Gives Frivolous Criticism of Romney for Hypocrisy

CNN's Anderson Cooper smacked the Romney campaign Monday night for alleged dishonesty. He claimed they were talking too much about social issues while saying the economy is their real focus. ...
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CNN Ties 'Pretty Embarrassing' Akin Controversy to Romney Campaign

In the wake of the Todd Akin controversy, CNN has not only tied the negative fallout to the Romney campaign and the Republican Party, but has also turned a critical eye to the party's "very far ...
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