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Blaming GOP "Haters" for Problems Passing Amnesty Bill; Opposing Pork-Laden Farm Bill = Ugly, Racist "Jihad"

Liberal pundits slam "haters" like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as a problem for amnesty proponents trying to pass a bill, even as journalists trash opponents of the pork-laden farm bill as ...
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NY Times Buries La Raza History of Obama's Amnesty Pusher, Cecilia Munoz

The New York Times continues to nudge Obama from the left on amnesty for illegal immigrants. The latest: Michael Shear's Saturday profile of Cecilia Munoz, a former lobbyist for a radical ...
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New York Times Hypes 'Several Tens of Thousands of Immigrants' in DC Rally, Escaping the 'Shadows'

The Times uses odd phrasing to hype the crowd figure for a rally for illegal immigrants in Washington as "several tens of thousands of immigrants," while an editorial headline captures the paper's ...
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NYT Tries to Make News on Immigration 'Reform' in Sunday Front-Page Lead Slot

Sunday's New York Times lead story on immigration was a strange choice, unless you remembered how the Times has long been pushing for immigration "reform" that would include amnesty for illegal ...
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New York Times' Preston Ditches Balance to Identify With Illegal 'Dream Warriors' Demanding Amnesty

Julia Preston identified wholly with a group of young illegals whose goal "is to build an army of Dream warriors. They had Dream warrior T-shirts, Dream warrior chants and the prayer of the ...
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Surprise: NYT's Coverage of New Obama Immigration Policy Utterly Slanted Toward Amnesty

The New York Times' coverage of Obama's amnesty announcement was typically loaded toward the side of illegal immigrants, and barely addressed conservative concerns about employment and the rule of ...
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Another Border Run: New York Times Recycles Its 'Conservative Christians Break With GOP on Amnesty' Theme

Every couple of years the Times runs a story on "conservative" evangelicals who support looser immigration laws and amnesty. The latest comes from Trip Gabriel: "Some of the nation’s most ...
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Pro-Amnesty New York Times Reporter Julia Preston Gushes Over 'A Die-Hard Conservative, but Not on Immigrants'

Julia Preston, one of the Times's most reliably pro-amnesty reporters, slid into Denver bureau chief Kirk Johnson's usual slot of using a news story to promote a different kind of Western ...

Jackie Calmes' Credulous Take on Obama's Politically Motivated Amnesty Push

While ABC questioned Obama's facts, Times reporter Jackie Calmes offered no challenges: "President Obama came to this border city on Tuesday to argue that he is doing his part to crack down on ...
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