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Adam Nagourney

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New York Times Passes Along 'Endorsement' for Accused Cop-Killer Dorner

Times reporter Adam Nagourney passed along endorsements for Christopher Dornan's worldview: "Yet for whatever changes the department has undergone since the days when it was notorious as an ...
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NYT's Nagourney Credits California's Economic Recovery to Tax Hikes He Helped Push

New York Times story from California-based Adam Nagourney strongly suggested that tax hikes promoted by Gov. Jerry Brown (and Nagourney himself) were paying off in economic resurgence in the ...
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Nagourney in NYTimes: 'Wednesday Evening, Rep. Barney Frank...Was One of the Prime-Time Speakers.' He Never Spoke

While gushing over the prevelance of gay issues at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, reporter Adam Nagourney claimed: "And on Wednesday evening, Representative Barney Frank, a ...
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In New York Times, Adam Nagourney Ponders Whether Paul Ryan's Speech Could Hurt Mitt Romney

Trust the New York Times to find bad news for Mitt Romney in Paul Ryan's rapturously received speech to the Republican National Convention: "The question now is what it might mean for Mr. Romney’s ...
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Republicans: Torn Apart In Factions?

Will the liberal media ever stop asserting every Republican convention will be too divisive and exclusionary and drive away women, minorities, and independents?
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Greetings, GOP, You Angry Herd of Radicals! From the New York Times Sunday Review

Welcome, GOP! This week's New York Times Sunday Review was crammed with articles, interviews, and features hostile toward the "radical," angry, "herd" of Republicans gathering in Tampa.
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No Surprise: Times' Nagourney Hails Obama's 'Historic' Risk-Taking on Gay Marriage

New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney comes off his Los Angeles beat to herald President Obama's risk-taking and hails the "historic significance" of his fully evolved support of gay marriage: ...
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