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CBS, NBC Censor Pope's Blast at Abortion, Euthanasia; ABC Barely Covers

CBS and NBC's morning and evening newscasts on Saturday and Sunday ignored Pope Francis's condemnation of abortion and euthanasia during a Saturday meeting with Catholic doctors in Italy. Their ...
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Columnist, NARAL Tweet ‘Flag of Reproductive Freedom’

Connie Schultz reinvents the flag in her own image.
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Hip Hop Star Slams Abortion at Michelle Obama Event

Singer points to song in saving babies from abortion.
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Pollitt Book Gives New Talking Points to Pro-Abortion Media

Infanticide is just super – Katha says so!
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Nets Filibuster for Wendy Davis

Forty-six stories with just two minor criticisms? It’s not the media’s fault she’s losing.
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WaPo Columnist: ‘Sex Only for Rich People’ in America

Progressive feminists don’t fall far from the eugenics tree.
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Media Abortion Champion Wendy Davis Sells Baby Onesies

Campaign profits from babies – in more ways than one.
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Pro-life Leaders Prefer Civil Disobedience to Obamacare’s ‘Blood Money’

Live Action hosts a news conference at Planned Parenthood.
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Media Herald ‘Heartwarming,’ ‘Powerful’ Letter from Mom to Baby She Will Abort

Feminist outlets miss contradiction of their own rhetoric.
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