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Women Conceived in Rape or Who Had Abortions Speak Out at March for Life

Pro-life women speak out against media’s treatment of them.
Media Research Center

ABC, NBC Ignore March for Life

Nineteen leading pro-life organizations joined the Media Research Center to chastise the networks for their near blackout of the 2015 March for Life. The Annual March for Life, which attracted ...
Media Research Center

Wrong: Chuck Todd Claims Overturning Roe V. Wade Makes Abortion 'Illegal'

While badgering Mike Huckabee on Sunday, Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd inaccurately claimed that overturning Roe V. Wade would make abortion "illegal." The NBC journalist ...
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Will Media Show Berserk Pro-Abortion Protestors Blocking Pro-Life March?

Left-wing activists arrested, say poor woman 'should get a f---ing abortion.'
Media Research Center

New March for Life Video Celebrates Defenders of the Unborn

Prolife protestors overcome freezing temps, challenging travel to save the children.
Media Research Center

Daily Show Mocks ‘Crazy-Ass’ Alabama Law Protecting the Unborn

The right to life is a real side-splitter for lib show.
Media Research Center

SBA List’s Dannenfelser: ‘Abortion-Centered Feminism Is Dead’

Cosmo, Jezebel ‘Keep Women in the 1960s’ with abortion focus.
Media Research Center

TMZ to Jack Black: ‘What’s Good Music to Play at Planned Parenthood?’

There really is such a thing as a stupid question.
Media Research Center

Dr. Alveda King: Nicki Minaj Will Realize Abortion ‘Was Bad for Me and My Baby’

Silent No More launches ‘Shockwaves’ to address abortion regret.
Media Research Center

The Media’s Cracked Crystal Ball: What Journalists Said We’d Find in 2015

In the 1980s and ’90s, journalists passed along expert predictions of the world as they thought it would be by the year 2015. Now that the New Year has finally arrived, it might be fun to ...
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