'Idol' Runner-Up Sexes Up American Music Awards

Adam Lambert says simulated oral sex during TV performance promoted freedom of expression and artistic freedom.

CBS's Early Show Skips Grilling of Geithner and Calls for His Resignation

CBS's Early Show on Friday completely ignored the grilling Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner received on Capitol Hill on Thursday and the calls for his resignation by members of Congress. ABC's Good ...

GMA Over-indulges on CSPI Food Attacks

On the morning show for third time in two months, lefty food haters recycle popcorn study.

ABC's Robin Roberts Grills Govt Official: Was Breast Cancer Decision Rationing?

ABC's Robin Roberts on Thursday pressed a government official on rationing and a new recommendation that women under the age of 50 shouldn't get regular mammograms. Talking to one of report's ...

Networks Ignore Alliances, Thuggery and Lobbying of SEIU

Despite close ties to President Obama, ABC, CBS, NBC almost never mention service employees union.

Morning Shows Devote a Combined 21 Seconds to Controversy of Job Creation in Fake Congressional Districts

NBC and CBS's morning shows on Tuesday completely ignored the revelation that the Obama administration's website claims to have saved or created jobs in congressional districts that ...

ABC Omits Critics of Obama's 'Jarring and Inappropriate' Bow; Sawyer Says Protocol 'Too Confusing'

ABC's Good Morning America finally picked up on the deep bow President Obama performed for the Emperor of Japan over the weekend. Co-host Diane Sawyer ran through how other U.S. Presidents have ...

ABC Touts NYT 'Conservative' David Brooks to Bash Palin, Features Anonymous Fact Check

Good Morning America on Monday began a week of coverage on Sarah Palin's new book by repeatedly fact checking claims from the Republican and highlighting a attack by the liberals' favorite ...

Report: Liberal Dem George Stephanopoulos Edging Out Liberal Dem Chris Cuomo for Anchor Slot

The Daily Beast on Friday reported that former Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos has now pulled ahead of ex-Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo's son, Chris Cuomo, in the race to ...
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