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The MRC published MediaWatch as a monthly newsletter from 1988 through March, 1998, when it switched to bi-weekly production. The MRC ceased publication of MediaWatch in May of 1999 in order to concentrate resources on more timely analysis on our Web site. MediaWatch was dedicated to documenting liberal bias in reporting by reviewing news coverage of political and current events by the television networks, newspapers and weekly news magazines. Features included a monthly Study or Review, brief NewsBites, the Janet Cooke Award dissecting the most biased story of the month, the Revolving Door which tracked those moving between media and politics and On the Bright Side, a look at an unusually balanced story presenting facts ignored by the rest of the media.
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: July 1991

Double Standard For Sununu; NewsBites: Touting Tito; Revolving Door: Democratic Convention Control; Marshall Loss, Thomas Gain Seen as Twin Threats; Liberals Admit Media Errors; Janet Cooke Award: ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: June 1991

Covering Crime and Punishment; NewsBites: The Self-Employed Unemployed; Revolving Door: Taking Us to Court; Reporters Mourn End of Subsidies for Abortion Counseling; More Statistical Spin Control; ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: May 1991

Still Looking for Liberal Labels; NewsBites: Maniacal TIME; Revolving Door: Bucks for the Duke; New York Times Reporters Attack Reagan Policy; More Misleading Economic Reporting; Another Castro ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: April 1991

Gumbel's Morning Gospel; NewsBites: Telling McGrory's Story; Revolving Door: Two Times A Nader; CBS Claims Millions of Kids Almost Starving; Address Dismisses Conservatives, Iraq War Victory; ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: March 1991

The Big Red Baghdad; NewsBites: No-Fault Press; Revolving Door: Surrender in the Desert; Time Writers Rant As C-SPAN Cameras Roll; Reporters Predicted Long, Bloody War; Arnett Bites; Janet Cooke ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: February 1991

Patriots Prove Media Myopia; NewsBites: Kudos for Quayle; Revolving Door: War Talkers; More Concerned About Selves Than Soldiers; Jennings Just As Wrong; Legitimizing Propaganda; Janet Cooke ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: January 1991

A Look at Peter's Politics; NewsBites: Post Bombs; Revolving Door: Another Decade, Another Job; Magazines Call Bush a Captive of Conservatives; No Controversy in Collaborating with Communists; ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: December 1990

Nader's Media Evaders; NewsBites: Closing the Book; Revolving Door: Acting Up; PBS Producers Recall Korea Through Northern Sights; Post Reporters Love Cuomo and Jackson, Dislike Dukakis; More Hot ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: November 1990

Television's Budget Blunders; NewsBites: Sam in Swim Trunks; Revolving Door: Speaking for the Speaker; Reporters Tout Gantt's Liberal Campaign; Conservative Student Newspaper Under Attack; ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: October 1990

Remembering the Reagaon Revulsion; NewsBites: Economy Socked; Revolving Door: Next Stop Cuomo Campaign; Reporters Despise Anti-Dukakis Candidate; Sad Farewells to European Communism & ...
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