The MRC published MediaWatch as a monthly newsletter from 1988 through March, 1998, when it switched to bi-weekly production. The MRC ceased publication of MediaWatch in May of 1999 in order to concentrate resources on more timely analysis on our Web site. MediaWatch was dedicated to documenting liberal bias in reporting by reviewing news coverage of political and current events by the television networks, newspapers and weekly news magazines. Features included a monthly Study or Review, brief NewsBites, the Janet Cooke Award dissecting the most biased story of the month, the Revolving Door which tracked those moving between media and politics and On the Bright Side, a look at an unusually balanced story presenting facts ignored by the rest of the media.

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MediaWatch: May 17, 1999

Sex Lies Draw More News Than Policy Lies; NewsBites; Starr an Abuser, But Clinton No Harasser?; Bias of the Century; NBC's Different Look at Guns

MediaWatch: May 3, 1999

Colorado Tragedy Exploited for Politics; NewsBites; Short Shrift for Clinton's Contempt; MSNBC's Contrarian Take; French Day Care Touted; ABC Focused on Teen's Faith

MediaWatch: April 19, 1999

Networks Continue to Acoid Major Print Scoops; NewsBites; Dan Rather Searches Clinton's "Feelings"; They Would Indict Clinton; FNC Shows the Flow

MediaWatch: April 5, 1999

Meet the Obedient White House Press; NewsBites; Two Thumbs Down for Oscar's Honors; Blame Reagan First; CNN Catches Gore Gaffes

MediaWatch: March 22, 1999

Stephanopoulos Book: Ethics Trumps Scoops; NewsBites; No "Moving On" to Chinese Espionage; Brokaw Still Ducking Juanita; Lou Dobbs Goes to Los Alamos

MediaWatch: March 8, 1999

Anita vs. Juanita: The Awful Double Standard; NewsBites; Fashioning a Future for "Senator Hillary"; Lewinsky Scandal Illegitimate; Russert, Myers Overcome Lack
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