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NYT's Weisman Wonders Why GOP Won't Just Capitulate After Obama Win: "What Are Elections For?"

Times reporter Jonathan Weisman can't believe it: "Republicans in the House and Senate are standing firmly in the way of Mr. Obama’s second-term agenda, with a message that is striking when ...
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As North Korea Threatens, New York Times Avoids Obama's Missile Defense Flip-Flop

The New York Times story on the Pentagon's responding to North Korea's latest belligerence by deploying additional ballistic missile interceptors along the Pacific coast led Saturday's paper. But ...
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Headline Duel at NYT: 'Divisions Fester' at CPAC, But Business as Usual at Lefty Netroots Nation

There was nothing but festering distress and especially "division" on the right at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference held last week, at least according to the New York Times. ...
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NYT: Praise for New Pope 'Tempered by Criticism of Him for His Hard-line Conservative Views'

NYT's Simon Romero from Buenos Aires on the new pope: "...the praise was tempered by criticism of him for his hard-line conservative views on a range of issues, including gay rights and ...
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'Liberal Intellectual' Chris Hayes's 'Well-Regarded...Thoughtful' MSNBC Show Hailed by NYT's Brian Stelter

Times media reporter Brian Stelter piles on the praise for left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who is moving up the ranks: "Mr. Hayes, a liberal intellectual who has hosted a well-regarded weekend ...
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NYT's Kim Severson Chides 'Fat' Mississippians for Rejecting Food Regulations

Atlanta bureau chief Kim Severson mocks Mississippians: "To that end, the people who govern the state with the highest rate of obesity in the nation have passed a bill saying that any law that ...
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NY Times Columnist Krugman Bashes 'Radical...Fanatical' GOP on PBS's Smiley Show

Times columnist Paul Krugman bashed the GOP as radical on fellow lefty Tavis Smiley's PBS talk show, bashing Republicans while complaining the American people have not yet become "sufficiently ...
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NYT Continues Propaganda Campaign on Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

The New York Times' long propaganda campaign supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants continued Thursday, led by the paper's most slanted immigration reporter, Julia Preston. She can hardly ...
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NY Times Greets New Pope With Abortion, Gay Marriage, and the 'Dirty War'

The paper's front-page profile of the new pope quickly turned the talk back to the concerns of liberal Manhattan journalists: "But Cardinal Bergoglio is also a conventional choice, a theological ...
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NYT's Front Page Features Paternalistic Liberal Take on Minority Groups Against NYC Soda Ban

New York Times campaign finance reporter Nicholas Confessore's front-page story took a liberal angle on a judge striking down New York City's controversial new regulation banning large soda ...
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