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Suits: Relationships 101

A few lessons on how to have a functional relationship
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Fem Site Showcases Illegal Abortionist

With the tide of popular opinion and state law running against them, abortion absolutists are turning to saviors (Wendy “Pink Tennis Shoes” Davis) and martyrs like the one profiled recently on the ...
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New ‘American Horror Story:’ Witch Kills With Genitalia

Taissa Farmiga describes her ‘Zoe’ character.
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Burn Notice: Redemption and Forgiveness

Michael Westen searches for forgiveness in the series finale.
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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Suits shows its brilliance and it's folly in two minutes

Mistresses: Season Finale

The season finale of Mistresses arrives with cliched drama and poor choices.
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Cyrus Video Takes another ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Hannah Montana

Infamous photographer directs naked video.  
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Under the Dome: From Liberty to Anarchy to Tyranny

As the storyline progresses, freedom in Chester's Mill fades away.
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Maher to Businessweek: I Dealt Pot to Fund College

Comic calls Obama ‘pothead.’

Burn Notice Builds the Drama

Bun Notice builds the drama the right way, scene by scene
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Under the Dome: The Monarch's Time is Near

Big Jim and Barbie find themselves at odds, as the reason for the dome draws one step closer to being revealed.
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Camp: Almost Over, Still No Redeeming Qualities

NBC's Camp continues to hype sex at the expense of a plot.
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Hollywood Reporter: Sexual Infidelity ‘Fall TV’s Hottest Topic’

‘The lure of infidelity’ preoccupying TV’s creative talent.  
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Suits: Ethics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ethics

The murder trial of Eva Hessington goes poorly so the lawyers at Pearson Darby Spector go with an ethically questionable Hail Mary.
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Mistresses: When One Door Closes...

Despite the filth, Mistresses surprises us this week with some positive reinforcements for rational behavior and good morals.
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Days Before 9/11 Anniversary, 94% of Stories Don’t Mention Al Qaeda In Syria

ABC, CBS and NBC largely ignore terrorists among anti-Assad forces.
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Media’s New Mania: Transfixed by Transgender

Normalizing sex identity confusion is ‘the next civil-rights struggle.’  
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Twisted: Season Finale

A test of character and a return from the dead
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Under the Dome: The Queen of Chester's Mill

The latest episode of 'Under the Dome' gives us more questions than answers
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'Camp' is Little More than Propaganda

Summertime series promotes Gay Marriage, but bashes marriage in general.
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'This is Sex Camp!'

NBC's 'Camp' explores its own shortcomings
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Fun with Infanticide! Video Game has Players Search for Abortion in TX

If Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster to protect late-term abortion in the Lone Star State wasn’t proof enough of the Texas pro-abortion movement’s desperation, a new video game does the trick.
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A cat caper steals the spot light.
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Mistresses: Who Wants to Make the Worst Decision-aire

The mistresses make one bad decision after another.
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Gosnell Protest: Babies' Bodies Might Be Held For 10 Years By Philly

Students for Life's Kristan Hawkins Confirms
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VMAs: Cyrus Gives Hannah Montana the (Foam) Finger

Former Disney star goes over-the-top in sleazy act.  
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Daily Beast: Women Choosing In Vitro Over Men is ‘F**king Good Alternative’

Article says ‘No Dad? No problem.’
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Egypt: Churches Burned, Christians Attacked, Networks Barely Mention

ABC, NBC and CBS give week of anti-Christian violence just 5% of Egypt reporting.
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Russell Simmons Apologizes For ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’

Huffington Post Live panelists doubts sincerity.