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Marvel Agents Aren't Always Who We Think They Are

Cobie Smulders makes a return, Agent Ward in depth, and TAHITI revealed
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Guns On The Blacklist

The Blacklist goes anti-gun. Also, euthanasia and Alan Alda
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Parks and Recreation Gets the Clint Eastwood Treatment

A review of the season finale of Parks and Rec.
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FLOTUS Flops on Parks & Rec

Breaking down Michelle Obama's visit to Parks and Rec.
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‘Jeopardy’: This NY Times Reporter Admitted Bias on National TV ...

In game show appearance, reporter calls GOP’s Issa as ‘Annoyer-in-Chief.’
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NCIS Takes On Sexual Assault

NCIS looks at military sexual assualt and the difficulties that problem possess.
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SHIELD, Villains, and Honesty

Villians are on the rise and SHIELD is on the backfoot, but Fury lives!
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Saturday Night Live Throws Millennials To The Ground

Saturday Night Live's opening sketch
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Marvel's Agents of... Hydra?

SHIELD, terrorism, and Agent Ward goes bad.
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