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The Blacklist Gets a Gold Star

The premiere of The Blacklist teases and impresses.

Suits: Relationships 101

A few lessons on how to have a functional relationship
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New ‘American Horror Story:’ Witch Kills With Genitalia

Taissa Farmiga describes her ‘Zoe’ character.
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Burn Notice: Redemption and Forgiveness

Michael Westen searches for forgiveness in the series finale.
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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Suits shows its brilliance and it's folly in two minutes

Mistresses: Season Finale

The season finale of Mistresses arrives with cliched drama and poor choices.
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Under the Dome: From Liberty to Anarchy to Tyranny

As the storyline progresses, freedom in Chester's Mill fades away.
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Maher to Businessweek: I Dealt Pot to Fund College

Comic calls Obama ‘pothead.’

Burn Notice Builds the Drama

Bun Notice builds the drama the right way, scene by scene
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Under the Dome: The Monarch's Time is Near

Big Jim and Barbie find themselves at odds, as the reason for the dome draws one step closer to being revealed.
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