Times Watch Quotes of Note - Classless Krugman on 'Fake Heroes' of 9-11 like Bush

Plus: Taxes now voluntary, and two-thirds into Obama's term, everything is still Bush's fault.

Networks Call Solyndra 'Headache' for Obama, But No Problem for Green Jobs Policies

ABC, CBS and NBC all report on scandal surrounding failed solar company, but refuse to criticize the loan program it utilized.

Voluntary Taxes? Obama Will 'Ask the Rich' to Pay More

Plus, great minds think alike? Two lead stories on consecutive days from different reporters contain an identical paragraph: "The Obama proposal has little chance of becoming law unless Republican ...

Editorial: Pay Up Like Buffett Wants Or Watch Your Mercedes Burn

Over the sanctimonious headline "The Enlightened Want to Be Taxed," Times editors threaten: "But altruism does not fully explain why members of the global elite are suddenly keen to prevent the ...

Here We Go Again: Networks Back Obama 'Replay' on Infrastructure Spending, Stimulus

President and media stuck on repeat, but ABC, CBS, NBC won't admit it; argue for more money to fix roads, bridges.

Buffett's 'Tax Me Please' Philosophy Welcomed in Europe, Cure for 'Social Unrest'

Reporter Julia Werdigier suggests higher taxes would have stopped the riots in Europe. "Some analysts said the calls for greater sacrifice from Europe's wealthy might have sprung from growing ...

Why Does the Times Adore 'Legendary Investor' Warren Buffett?

The answer is simple: He's the kind of businessmen that liberals like - who don't think they are paying enough money in taxes.

Shear Laments Jon Huntsman's 'Missed Opportunity' To Call for Increasing Taxes

Michael Shear faulted moderate Republican candidate Jon Huntsman for not sufficiently "standing apart from the pack" of conservative presidential candidates by calling for higher taxes - or in ...

Reporter Dubiously Claims Buffett Tax Hikes Would Raise Revenues, Falsely Claims Taxes at Historic Low

Wishful thinking by reporter David Kocieniewski: "But with the prospect of severe spending cuts and another round of bitter deficit negotiations in Washington, proposals like [Warren] Buffett's ...

Food Columnist Bittman Finds Enthusiastic Reception for Taxing Junk Food on MSNBC's 'Dylan Ratigan'

New York Times food writer and junk food sin-tax advocate Mark Bittman took to the August 2 edition of MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan show as part of his promotional tour for Bad Food? Tax It. He found a ...
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