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Conservative Talker Larry Elder Celebrates Birthday with Star on Hollywood Boulevard

Long-running talk show host gets surprise honor.
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CBS This Morning Highlights California Legislator ‘Under Personal Attack’ for Vaccine Bill

Anti-vaxxers condemn bill as they cling to fears once promoted by the network news media.
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‘Ferguson’ Reading Blasts ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Media Narrative

McAleer made Ferguson grand jury come to life in D.C.
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5 Absurd ‘Equal Pay’ Comments in Time for Bogus Holiday

Left marks Equal Pay Day on April 14, in spite of debunked statistics.
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Obamacare Penalty Starts Hitting Taxpayers, Nets Ignore in 91% of Stories

Millions of Americans could face tax penalties, but could be surprised since broadcast media barely mentioned it. 
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Politico Smears Conservative Group Opposed to New FCC Regulations

American Commitment says its 1.6 million comments were legitimate and can prove a vendor was responsible for technical error.
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Late-Night Comedians Whine ‘Indiana's Gone Nuts’

Hosts go on the attack against Gov. Mike Pence.
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Famous Journalist’s ‘70s Ice Obsession: ‘Glaciers Down to the Mason-Dixon Line’

‘Murrow Boy’ Howard K. Smith also feared ice age, cited scientists and called their arguments ‘pretty convincing.’
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No Fooling: Salon Hails Swedish Dictionary’s Inclusion of Gender-Neutral Pronoun ‘Hen’

Liberal media want to know why English can’t figure out pronouns, but just a few years ago Slate admitted Sweden’s move was ‘radical.’
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‘Ferguson’: New Play Makes Audience the Judge in Michael Brown Shooting

Documentary filmmaker Phelim McAcleer brings the story to the stage.
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