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FCC Cites Groups Funded by Soros, Ford Foundations 206 Times in Internet Rules

 Following ‘extremely bizarre’ decision, agency fails to mention important conservative group.
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Yale Eco-Podcast Urges: Eat More Bugs!

Climate Connections criticizes meat, claims insects are more environmentally friendly so people should ‘get past the gag reflex.’
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Barney Frank: Hillary Email Scandal: ‘Not Very Intelligent of Her’

On Huffpo Live, retired Dem defends Hillary, slams O’Reilly.
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FCC Openness: Secret Rules Mention ‘Transparency’ 163 Times

Obama’s regulators use 268,000 words to take massive control over Internet.
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Climate Depot’s Morano: Vice Manipulated Ice Interview

 HBO’s Vice airs hit job on ‘climate deniers,’ pushing catastrophic ice melt theme.
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Bill Maher Asks If Abortion Is Responsible for Less Crime

But creator of American Crime suggests many other factors, not abortion, for dropping crime rates.
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MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Today’s Selma March Is For ‘Reproductive Rights’

At 50th anniversary of civil rights march, host says it has evolved for Planned Parenthood supporters.
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Stelter Asks Dan Savage: ‘Was it Appropriate or Necessary’ to Ask Ben Carson That?

CNN gives full context for Savage, but short soundbites for Carson.
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NBC News Website Promotes Laissez-Faire ‘Confucian Capitalism’

In spite of network’s bias against capitalism and free-market economics.
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New Book Exposes Sports ‘Bias in the Booth’

Sports reporter and radio host explains how lefty opinion infiltrates your game day coverage.
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