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Daily Beast Cites SPLC to Assert Jindal, AFA Embrace ‘Hate’

Citing hate crime-inspiring hate group SPLC particularly hateful tactic.
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EW Weeps ‘Warm and Vulnerable’ Abortion Comedy ‘Nominated for Nothing’

Entertainment Weekly writes Oscar obituary for ‘Obvious Child.’
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March for ... Rape? Media Skew, Misreport on March for Life

And you thought it was about babies.
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200,000 March for Life – Networks Give them 15 Seconds

ABC, CBS, NBC and Spanish-language networks covered sex scandals, prehistoric shark, Deflategate instead.
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Daily Show Mocks ‘Crazy-Ass’ Alabama Law Protecting the Unborn

The right to life is a real side-splitter for lib show.
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SBA List’s Dannenfelser: ‘Abortion-Centered Feminism Is Dead’

Cosmo, Jezebel ‘Keep Women in the 1960s’ with abortion focus.
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TMZ to Jack Black: ‘What’s Good Music to Play at Planned Parenthood?’

There really is such a thing as a stupid question.
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Dr. Alveda King: Nicki Minaj Will Realize Abortion ‘Was Bad for Me and My Baby’

Silent No More launches ‘Shockwaves’ to address abortion regret.
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BREAKING: ThinkProgress Uncovers Catholic Group Acting Catholic

Those evil Knights of Columbus actually believe that Catholic stuff!
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Why Pets Should Be Legal Citizens Too: the Voxplanation

“Questions No One Is Asking” bin.
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