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NARAL Prez to Elle: ‘We Really Do Live in a Pro-Choice Country’

Wishful thinking from Ilyse Hogue.
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The Atlantic’s Abortion Doula: ‘Grief is Celebratory’

... and pro-lifers are strange, inscrutable creatures.
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Jon Stewart Takes Dishonest Shots at Hobby Lobby, Christians

‘Daily Show’ misrepresents facts, mocks faithful.
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FRC Plans #HobbyLobby Day March 29

Family Research Council urges Americans to stand with Christian crafts store.
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3 to 1: Nets quote Lib Over Conservative Justices in Hobby Lobby Reports

Evening broadcast filled reports with liberal justice quotes.
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Dishonest Abortion Activists Attack Hobby Lobby at SCOTUS

Protestors rally behind ‘War on Women’ lie.
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‘Bigotry Disguised as Freedom’: The LA Times, The Guardian, Daily Beast Vs. Hobby Lobby

Liberals fret over brand-new ‘rights’ while dismissing the First Amendment.
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Elle Places NARAL President in 10 Most Powerful Women List

Calling your opponents un-American and agitating for the most extreme pro-abortion position doesn’t just get you attention of Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. It can get you props from a ...
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Marcotte Compares Abortion to Cavity Removal, Calls Babies ‘Time-Sucking Monsters’

Pro-lifers are ‘liars,’‘anti-choice kooks.’
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AP, Dallas News, WashPo, etc., Lie About Ted Cruz’ Abortion Statement

Original report slandered Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee.  
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