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Media Adore ‘1 in 3 Campaign,’ Censor Women Who Regret Abortion

The media hype ‘positive’ abortion stories.
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Sore-loser! Pro-Duggar Petition Wins; Media Accuse Duggars of ‘Stabbing Gay Americans’

In four days, pro-Duggar petition surpasses three-month censorship petition.
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Media Join Petition against ‘Fear Mongering’ Duggar Family

A petition battle begins over the Duggar family.
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Media Commit ‘Cultural Imperialism’ in UN Report Pushing Abortion for Teens

Steven Mosher accuses media of taking ‘radical position that age of consent laws should be abolished.’
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Alternet Writer Suggests Moms Are ‘Environmental Villains’

Mom feels guilty about ‘environmental impact of procreation.’
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Media, Planned Parenthood Share ‘Birth Control Song’

Bedsider hosts second annual birth control day.
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Columnist, NARAL Tweet ‘Flag of Reproductive Freedom’

Connie Schultz reinvents the flag in her own image.
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Hip Hop Star Slams Abortion at Michelle Obama Event

Singer points to song in saving babies from abortion.

10,000 Pack Arena to Terminally Ill Coed Achieve Her Dream

College basketball player Lauren Hill makes the most of the time she has left.
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