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‘Botched’: Nets Fret Over Murderer’s Execution

Newscasts ignore Lockett’s victims.
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Fem Site: Mayweather ‘Bats**t Insane’ for Leaving Ex for Aborting Twins

>Boxer claims he’s against ‘killing babies.’
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Billboard Outside Kickstarter HQ Calls Out Co for ‘Gosnell Censorship’

‘You stink at censorship!’
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Nets Hype George Clooney Engagement, Ignore Oregon Baby Incineration

Nets spend 21 minutes, 52 seconds on celeb engagement; 0 minutes on babies burned.
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Crowdfunding: Nets Covered $1.4M Spike Lee Flick, Ignore $1.4M Gosnell Movie

ABC, CBS, NBC show bias in ‘crowdfunding’ reports.
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WGN’s ‘Salem’ Features Forced Abortion to Devil in Easter Premiere

New show ‘Salem’shows abortion by witchcraft in return for power from the devil.
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Gosnell Movie Tops $1 Million in Fundraising

Filmmakers strive to tell the true story of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.
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The Guardian: ‘Sex with Robots’ Should Be ‘Embraced’

Get ready for this depraved new world.
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Kickstarter Funded ‘After Tiller’ Abortionist Documentary, Rejected Gosnell Movie

Filmmakers react to Kickstarter’s bias.
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Kelly File: Gosnell Movie Fundraiser Rejected Because of ‘Baby Stabbing’ Description

Kirsten Powers discusses Gosnell movie fundraising double standard.
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