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Networks’ Evening Shows Don’t Name Islam in London Terror Attack

Anchors, reporters tip-toe around attacker's Islamic radicalism.
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Ellen Page Slams FNC While Praising Canadian Health Care

Appearing as a guest on Monday's The Daily Show on Comedy Central to promote her new left-wing environmental movie, The East, Canadian actress Ellen Page criticized Fox News for its negative ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Suggests Fox News Should Link Reagan to Genocide in Guatemala

On Tuesday's All In show, Chris Hayes linked former President Ronald Reagan to a former Guatemalan dictator convicted of genocide as the MSNBC host seemed to suggest that the story was as worthy ...
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‘Rock Center’ Blames America, and Texaco in Anti-Oil Tirade

Ecuadorian villagers are upset and ready to fight to protect their rainforest homeland, from the government of Ecuador which has “launched a new oil boom,” according to NBC’s Ann Curry. But Curry ...
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Broadcasts Ignore ‘Bizarre twist’ of Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit

Several years ago, CBS’s “60 Minutes,” CNN and The New York Times tarred Chevron with biased reporting about a lawsuit between the oil company and an “eco-radical” group called Amazon Defense ...
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The Planet is Doomed No Matter What

Earth Day: ‘ecological footprint’ game ironically predicts resource depletion even for extremely eco-conscious.
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CBS’ ‘Amazing Race’ Amazingly Offensive

Communist propaganda and downed U.S. aircraft? That’s entertaining.
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So Sad to See Hugo ...

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Will Oscar Give Israel a Black Eye?

Two anti-Israel documentaries nominated for Academy Award.  
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