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Majority of Americans Aren’t On Board with Media’s ‘War on Christmas’

Good news this Christmas season.
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DOJ Debunks WH’s Stats on College Rape, Will Media Report?

Staggeringly lower numbers defeat false narrative on prevalence of rape on college campuses.
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Blue Christmas: Five Videos of Cops Brightening the Season

These remarkable police departments know how to celebrate Christmas and serve.
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‘Natural Cycles’ Blamed for California Drought Instead of Climate Change

When scientists blame other things, suddenly science is not 'settled’ according to media.
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As Gas Prices Tumble, Ed Rendell Calls for Tax Hikes

Democratic former governor tells CNBC it is time to raise federal gas tax.
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Even HuffPo Admits Obamacare Calorie Regulations May Not Work

Liberal site finds experts who say diners don’t actually ‘eat less’ when calories are posted.  
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Rosie O’Donnell on Ferguson: ‘Calculated Decision to Incite' Riots

The truther's back, and as ignorant as ever.
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Network Silence: Obama Ally, Gay Activist Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Human Rights Campaign founder, Obama ‘bundler’ Bean jailed in Oregon.
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Media Commit ‘Cultural Imperialism’ in UN Report Pushing Abortion for Teens

Steven Mosher accuses media of taking ‘radical position that age of consent laws should be abolished.’
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Russell Brand Connects Income Inequality to Ferguson

$20 million far-left actor also promotes wealth redistribution, claims U.S. and U.K. governments are ‘run for corporations.’
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