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Slate’s Marcotte Finds Free Birth Control Bill ‘Condescending’

Apparently, free contraceptives should also come with a pat on the head.
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A&E Swinger Lifestyle Show 'Stilted,' 'Boring,' 'Awkward' TV

Reviews are not neighborly to Neighbors with Benefits.
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Sense: Actress Zoe Saldana says Dolce & Gabbana ‘Allowed to Their Own Opinion’

And at the GLAAD Media Awards, no less!
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WaPo Buries Subpoena Scandal in Puff Piece on Houston Mayor

Mayor’s subpoena scandal buried 24 paragraphs in: false claim of bigotry never mentioned.
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Justified’s Nick Searcy to Direct Gosnell Abortion Crime Drama

The latest milestone for a film telling what the media won’t.
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CNN, USA Today Hype Study by Left-Wing Hate Group

Upshot: stop reporting Islamist terror.
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